cellGame - witaj w prawdziej grze

cellGame combines mobile internet, city game and community. What we get from such a combination is an innovative approach to virtual games as well as to city games. The users will be able to take part in a game thanks to a SmartPhone application.

Currently we are working on games that would use as their board such places as a mall, a railway station, an airport, a museum and other large structures. Are You interested in preparing this kind of game for Your company? Contact us.

Each game will be based on geolocation or QrCode, on rivalry of players or of groups of players.

The games are divided into:
tournaments – weekly games where you can win a prize or collect your points
thematic games – games prepared specially for you
continuous game – a game that has no time limit

In future we are planning to enable the players to create their own games and we would like to create a form combining a game with visiting of a place.

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